Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easiest Way to Remove Nail Polish

Y’all. I have a problem with commitment. To nail color. I change my nail polish at least two or three times a week. Last week, it was four. What can I say? I like to change it up. Needless to say, I have had quite a bit of practice with at home manicures…and removing them. I hate going through two or three cotton balls that get all gross and can even deposit color residue on a clean nail. So after stumbling on this method on Pinterest one day, I played around with it and made it the most effective way for me to get old polish off my nails.  Here are a few tips on the easiest ways to get rid of polish and get a blank canvas for your next masterpiece. 

  1.  Unwind a cotton ball so it’s in a long strip
  2. Split this strip into two
  3. Tear apart each strip into six or seven smaller pieces, for a total of 12-14.
  4. Dip one of the small pieces into a capful of remover. A little goes a long way here. I like to just barely dip in the edge and the remover moves up the cotton piece.
  5. Apply one piece per nail (one hand at a time) and wait for a minute or two.
  6. Take one of your dry pieces, press firmly on top of each finger and cotton piece, and swipe. This should remove all of the color in one swipe!
  7. If there are stubborn spots around the nail edge, just go over them again with the same piece of cotton you just used.

It’s that easy!

For dark colors:

If you’re a fan of dark polishes, then you know how hard it is to get rid of dark polish. Especially deep reds. I hate that red residue that’s always left behind that makes you look like you had an unfortunate incident with cuticle nippers and a lot of blood. The best way to avoid this is to use the aforementioned way of polish removal, but make sure you moisturize your hands first with an extra emollient hand cream. You can even go one step further and apply a thin layer of Vaseline with a cotton swab around each nail. This provides a barrier against the skin and prevents all of that rich color from getting on your skin. 

For glitter polish:

Now let’s talk glitter polish. And the struggle of removing it. Usually, this involves lots of elbow grease and glitter picking. Not anymore!!

I like to use the small cotton piece method for this too, however, I leave the cotton piece on for about five to seven minutes. It’s easier if you wrap the cotton piece and finger with a small bit of aluminum foil to keep it in place for that long. Then press firmly and remove in one slow swipe. This will usually remove all of the glitter. Acetone based remover works especially well, just make sure to moisturize after!

I hope these tips help! 

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