Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hi, I’m Natalie. 

I love makeup. And pretty things. And seeing people’s confidence expound when they feel lovely. So, I decided to join the blogger world to share some lovely things that make me happy; makeup that makes me feel confident, like I can take on the world; lovely lifestyle things; tips and tricks to make you feel beautiful and confident. Because, honestly, have you ever tried to tell a woman wearing red lipstick that she can’t take on the world? It’s more than just a beauty enhancement, it’s a state of mind.


I do this in the hopes that these things will also bring a little loveliness and a smile to your life. And maybe even a good beauty tip or two to add to your arsenal. I have worked as a makeup artist and still dabble in freelance work for special events. I grew up with a mom who is an interior decorator and she instilled in me early the appreciation for a good piece of furniture and I like to think that I inherited her eye for beautiful things and her touch for making things pretty. I’m excited to share tutorials, quick tips, favorite things and my expertise with you on all things lovely. 

So there it is. My introduction to you all. Even though I’m sure that right now, those of you reading this are my friends and family whom I have told about this (hi Mom, glad you finally worked the internet to find this). I hope you continue to follow along with me on this new adventure. Please bear with me as I navigate the technicalities of making a blog and please let me know of any topics you'd like to see covered here. Can't wait to see where it goes!

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