Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lipstick Queen

Alright lovelies, as promised, I am road testing some bright, pretty lip shades for spring. Now that we've talked lip prep, it's time to bring on the color! 

Last week, my husband and I had some friends in town from Santa Barbara, so we took the day off to play tour guide around the city. We walked past Pink Dot Beauty Bar and I decided to lead the tour there. I mean, my husband usually tries to steer clear of any beauty related jaunts that I go on, but in the company of others, I figured he couldn't say no. Naturally, I got taken in by the lovely decor and huge array of excellent (and much sought after, hard to find) products. The staff were above and beyond helpful and we had mini makeovers, while the boys went on to explore and do whatever they pleased. My kind of day. 

 My friend Natalie from Santa Barbara, Becca, me and Demi 
at Pink Dot Beauty Bar 
Anyway. After playing with all sorts of new products and talking makeup with my new friend Demi, he brought over some of their Lipstick Queen products. Now, if you are not familiar with Poppy King and her gorgeous shades, please do so. I feel like we're kindred spirits. She gets that a pretty new shade of lipstick can boost confidence and turn the day around. This is my life motto. She's created tons of iconic colors and universally flattering shades.Truly, the lipstick authority. But that's enough stanning on my part. Love her. Love her line. You should try it. 

I will never say no to trying out a new color (unless it's really unflattering). So after a little convincing, I tried out the Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick in Coral. Y'all. I'm in love. I usually shy away from the fiery tomato/coral family because I've always felt like it makes my teeth look...well, not their pearliest. We always seem to point out our own flaws that others don't notice. Demi told me that if I was self concious, just be silent and fierce. Excellent advice. But who am I kidding, I can't be silent. I embraced the coral and couldn't stop smiling (or talking) all day. Instant confidence boost. And not as teeth dulling as I had convinced myself. Not to mention, very on trend for spring.

 I just loved this color. It is super pigmented and lasted through lunch and a coffee later. This stuff is legit. Goes on smoothly, as it's a liquid, but not at all tacky or sticky. Once it's on and in place, it is on and in place. I've worn it several times since purchasing last week, and am so impressed. Today, I put this on in the morning and it lasted through coffee, lunch and then a Diet Coke in the afternoon.

Bottom line: Lipstick Queen Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick is a winner. And the coral is exceptionally pretty and flattering!

Disclaimer: these are my own opinions and I have not been compensated in any way. However, if any Lipstick Queen is reading this, I wouldn't be opposed to reviewing any samples :)  


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  1. This color looks pretty good. I have a coral shade in a drugstore brand but it dries out my lips. Could you please write reviews for some kickass matte lipstick shades in drugstore brands?