Sunday, May 18, 2014

Makeup for Girls in Glasses

Thanks for all of your feedback with my new specs! Continuing with the bespectacled theme, let's talk makeup for glasses. I know lots of people who wear their glasses on those days when you just don't feel like dealing with the world, but there's no reason you can't look chic while sporting them! Below are a few of my favorite tips for looking great in your specs.

(bonus tip: avoid bitch face like this)  

7 Tips for Makeup with Glasses

1. Conceal and highlight your under eye. Glasses tend to cast a shadow under the eye area, so you want to brighten it up. Use a concealer just a liiiitle bit lighter than your foundation (half a shade, you don't want reverse raccoon eyes) in the inner corner by your nose and under the bottom lid. Apply a little highlighter, like L'Oreal Magic Lumi or Chella Highlighter if you prefer a solid one, under the outer half of the eye and under the brow.

2. Stick with neutral eye colors. Since there's a barrier between the world and your peepers, this can make colors appear dull or darker. Skip the bright colored eyeliner and smokey eyes for a day when you're wearing contacts. The dark eye shadows can make your eyes appear recessed, or even blend in with your frames. I always suggest wearing neutral colors, like creams, beiges, taupes and maybe a pop of brown or grey in the outer corner. The In the Know palette from Stila is my favorite right now because it contains all neutral, matte shadows that are gorgeous. I especially like to pair this look with a bold lip.

3. Don't go overboard with shimmer. Shimmery shadow behind lenses that will inevitably reflect light can be a little too much. Lay off the shimmery shadows on glasses days. Or, if you're just a glittery gal at heart, you can do a light wash of a creamy shimmer and layer a complimentary matte shadow over it.
However, I do love the look of a little shimmer shadow lining the bottom liner and in the inner corner of the eye. This can really make the eyes pop behind your frames; just avoid very dark colors.

 A little shimmer in the inner corners helps brighten up

4. Bold frames = bold liner. I wear a cat eye pretty much every day. When I wear my glasses, I tend to make the line a little thicker. If you're wearing thick frames, apply a thick line of liner. If you have thin frames, go thin. You want them to be proportional.

5. Pay attention to your lashes. Curl those lashes! You know my feelings on horse lashes. And for you lucky ladies with long lashes that actually hit your lenses, this will perk them up and keep them from getting in the way. Don't forget mascara either! This will help your lashes from disappearing and will frame your eyes.

6. Define your brows. Same with the above statement. More attention is drawn to the top half of your face and your brows frame your glasses. Don't neglect them! Brush them and fill them in, especially when wearing glasses

7. Don't forget your blush. Because you have an extra eye accessory, that's where others will naturally focus on. Give your frames a nice little backdrop with a pop of pretty blush for balance.

Do you have any tried and true looks for wearing glasses? I always like to stick with a cat eye and bright lip. Let me know in the comments below!

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