Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quick Fix for a Broken Lipstick

So, in the last post, we talked fixing caked over powders. Now for another quick fix tip to add to your repertoire for when you have a lipstick mishap. 

You know that awful feeling when you go to put on your favorite lipstick, you twist up the tube and disaster! It's broken and a piece falls out. Ughhh. I hate this. And it has happened twice to me in the past two weeks. [Sidenote: This is what happens when you entertain a toddler by letting her play with your (supposedly all closed up) lipstick collection. Teach them about the importance of lip color early. Clearly, I am an excellent babysitter...haha. Sarah, your child is in good hands. But I digress.]

Poor broken lipstick, hope is not lost! This is such an easy fix. All you need is a lighter.

First of all, twist the tube all the up, so the site of the break is easy to access. 
1. Take the broken off piece and quickly run a lighter over the end. Do the same for the tube end.
2. Stick the two pieces together and hold in place for a few seconds. 
3. To make everything pretty again, run the lighter around the lipstick to even out the sides. Be careful of the drippage; it might not twist back down in the tube, so I wipe off the drips. 
4. Pop it in the fridge with the cap off for 20-30 minutes to let it harden. Ta da!!

Good as new! Hooray!

Yet another sidenote: sorry these pictures are crap. I asked my husband to take them and he was very impatient. This is clearly more important than playing NBA 2K13.


  1. Loving these quick fixes! Great ways to save fave products (and dinero). You should do a post or series of posts on all things eyebrows.

    1. Thanks, Torey! Eyebrow posts coming soon!