Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Fix for Broken Powder

Disasterrrr. I knocked my Brow Zings off the sink the other day and the powder shattered. Thankfully, it didn't shatter everywhere, but there was still enough damage done to make it unusable without making a mess everywhere. Ugh. 

Thanks to just a little bit of alcohol though, it was a quick fix and is as good as new again. There are tons of tutorials all over the internet about how to fix a shattered powder, but none of them I found actually explained how to make your powder look new again. So after bit of trial and error with past clumsy accidents, I have finally figured out how to make them look good again after an unfortunate spill. 

You will need: 
Plastic wrap
Makeup brush - or some other object with a blunt end
Mini spatula - or tweezers, because let's be honest, who actually has a mini spatula??
Alcohol - 70% is best, but plain ol' rubbing alcohol works too
Flat ended object 

Fix That Busted Powder 

1. Wrap a layer or two of plastic wrap around the compact to lessen the chance of mess 

2. Take the end of a makeup brush and crush up the powder to a fine, loose powder-like consistency 

3.  Add alcohol with the dropper (about 7 dropper fulls). You want to make it a paste like consistency. Using a dropper makes it easier to get the right amount without adding too much. If you just pour the alcohol on there, do so little by little and very carefully. You don't want to saturate it too much. 

4. I used the back of my tweezers to smush it around and make it come together better and then smoothed out the top to make it as even as I could. 

5. Use a tissue to blot the top of the surface to absorb some of the excess alcohol. To get a truly flat and even surface, press down on the tissue with a flat ended object. I used a tube of lipgloss. 

That's it! Let it sit out for a few hours uncovered until it's dry and then it's good as new! Hooray! Now I don't have to drop another $30 on my favorite brow product. Because a thrifty girl is a happy girl, with a few extra dollars in her wallet. 

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