Thursday, July 31, 2014

It Just Got Real

Sooo...I know this is a little late, but somehow this post slipped by and didn't get published. Oops. Even though this liner was released a month ago, it's still my favorite product of the moment. Here's why:

 Y'all. I have never been so hyped about a makeup product before. I'm talking about Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner. Since Benefit announced the launch of this amazing liner, I have been anxiously awaiting it's debut and eager to get my hands on it to test it out. Rocking a subtle cat eye has been my everyday look for years now. It is such a lovely and classic look - not to mention that winged liner gives the illusion of elongated lashes. And my lashes will take all the help they can get. I have tried every kind of liner - pencil, kohl, kajal, gel, liquid and even shadow as liner. But this. This is the holy grail. Seriously.

AccuFlex Tip for precision and great to make super sharp wings

Last month, we had a great event to promote and celebrate the launch of They're Real Liner at Ulta. Our Benefit team is just the best and we had a blast! This is a must have product for and makes lining a snap.

 Action shot. I need a champagne confetti popper for all life events. 

Swag bag and hair flair. I love working with Benefit

I was ecstatic to receive a sample of They're Real Push Up liner from Benefit before the product was released (whoo hoo, my first blogging perk!). There has been a lot of hype surrounding the launch and has had blogger buzzing for weeks now, but the product has been kept under wraps for five years while it was being developed. Everyone was on information lockdown until the announcement was made. Even as a freelancer with Benefit, I couldn't get my hands on it that much sooner than it was launched in stores. But it was absolutely worth the wait.

 BeneBabes and winged liner enthusiasts for life

I love a good gel liner. They give a beautiful line and stay put really well. You can get a slim, precise line, but this requires a bit of practice and some finesse with a liner brush. But I rarely use them because they all dry out so quickly in those little pots (lookin at you, Smashbox Jet Set). So I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first how a gel would dispense evenly from a pen. But it does. And glides on perfectly. One click is adequate per eye. The silicone AccuFlex tip is patented, so you'll only be seeing this from Benefit. This is what makes it so awesome. It's perfectly slanted to allow you to get a smooth and even line, and specially designed to hug the lashline, allowing you to get right up to the lashes with no skin gap. No worries about having to tightline with this one; it does all the work for you. And the pointed tip makes perfecting a sharp wing a snap. Just put the nose of the pen at the angle you want your wing, and gently press to get a guide for where to draw the line. It takes a few times to get the hang of it, so play around with it and practice varying thicknesses on your hand first.

The flex tip makes it super easy to create thin lines
and layering creates a thicker one

Some insider pro tips:
1. Use your lashline as a guide - follow the natural line of where your lashes are and get the liner as close to it as possible
2. Use short, light strokes. You don't have to do one smooth line to get the look of a smooth line. Use short strokes with light hand - the AccuFlex tip does all the work for you.
3. Build from your baseline. Once you've gotten your thin baseline, build up from it, working from the middle out toward the edge.

Have you tried the new liner yet? I'd love to hear what you think!

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